Internal 40 Pin Disk On Module IDE PATA 64gb Write 30MB / s For PC

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Zheino
Certification: FCC
Model Number: CHN-PADOM44HS01M
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Type: Internal Package: Yes
Controller: MLC Size: 45x26x10.0mm
Item Condition: New Product Name: DOM IDE

Internal 40 Pin Disk On Module IDE PATA 64gb Write 30MB / s For PC

DOM Series: Disk On Module, is a high-performance, embedded flash drive designed to replace the traditional IDE mechanical hard drives. It is mainly used in some old motherboards, to enhance the performance of the equipment. It is characterized by the relatively small size, safe and reliable. DOM has a small control chip firmware, transfer data by standard interface of IDE, SATA, USB, no need additional host software.

DOM work at the voltage of 5V, it provided the scalability new features, such as more cost-effective designs, better performance, improved reliability, making it ideal for the field of embedded memory. PATA DOM supports the standard ATA / IDE, up to PIO Mode-4, Multiword DMA Mode 2 and Ultra DMA Mode-6, compatible with all the major operating systems on the market, such as the Microsoft Windows series, Mac OS, and Unix versions.

Q: For the IDE SSD. When open the file. it is a little slow? why this happens? How to solve it?
A: It is compatibility issues mostly, you can try to use the new version software to open the can often solve the problem.

Q: The SSD indicator is flashing always, constantly read the disk, is it a performance failure?
A:You can judge by two steps:
1, This phenomena occurs before entering the system: please check if the motherboard and SSD are fully contacted. or to test one more time with another SATA data cable
2, This phenomena occurs after entering the system, check if any software in the operating system is reading and writting the SSD. Like antivirus software, system restore, virus, Trojan horse, and so on. after that turn off background procedures to test again.