2.5 Inch S1 128gb SATA SSD 3.0 4 Channel For Laptop Desktop Hard Drive

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Zheino
Certification: CE RoHS FCC
Model Number: CHN-25SATAS1-128
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 155*110*16 mm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
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Products Status: Stock Sustained Read/write Speed: 420MB/s, 80 MB/s
Type:: Internal Style: SSD
Size: 2.5" Dimension: 100*70*7mm
NAND Type: 2D MLC Warranty: 3 Years

2.5 Inch S1 128gb SATA SSD 3.0 4 Channel For Laptop Desktop Hard Drive
Solid State Drives, which use flash memory instead of a hard-drive platter to store date.
Old computers had a habit of spitting files and spreading the parts all over your hard drives, but modern ones don’t do this as much. Not even close, a bimonthly pass with a capable Defragger can help you maintain peak performance on a heavily used hard drive.Data transfer to and from solid-state drives is much faster than electromechanical disk drives. Seek time and latency are also substantially reduced. Users typically enjoy much faster boot times as well.
In general, SSDs are also more durable and much quieter, with no moving parts to break or spin up or down. SSDs do, however, have slower write times and a set life expectancy, as there is a finite number of erase/write cycles before performance becomes erratic.

Product Description



Max Transfer Performance (Varies by density)
128GB Read: 510MB/s,Write: 180MB/s
supports BCH 8/16/24/40 bits ECC
Operating voltage
+5.0V (±5%)
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
1,000,000 Hours

2.5 Inch S1 128gb SATA SSD 3.0 4 Channel For Laptop Desktop Hard Drive
2.why the ssd can't be showed in disk management?
-- Are you using a USB cable to connect ssd with your computer? If yes, there may be insufficient usb power.you can install the ssd on your computer.and then you try to format.
the ssd can't be showed in disk management after installing on the computer,you can try to use another system to format,such as PE system.
3.Why ssd can not be in NTFS format during formatting?
--This is a problem with your computer system,you can try to change another computer and use DiskGenius.
4.Why does the hard disk mount on the computer and it sometimes disappears from time to time?
-- Turn the machine on and off 5 times to see if it can find the disk each time. If not, it should be that the hard disk is not compatible with the motherboard. It is recommended to try hard disk replacement, or change the motherboard. 
5. Why is the real capacity of ssd different from the nominal capacity of ssd? 
--Storage device conversion formula: nominal capacity X93% = actual capacity.
6. Why is the speed of reading and writing different from the data descripted?
--there are 3 reasons.
2).If you use the USB connection ssd and the computer, then regardless of the read/write speed of the ssd, it will be affected by the USB, and its read/write speed is just the USB read/write speed.
3).If your computer or USB cable is sata2, then the speed of reading and writing cannot achieve the data we provide.
7. Is SATA3 compatible with SATA2 and SATA?